Why Use Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains have been used for a whole range of purposes over the years – from shielding light from enemy planes in wartime Britain to helping a newborn get to sleep without too much fuss. Blackout curtains ‘black out’ the light – they are made from a fabric that is generally thicker and denser so it’s harder for light to penetrate. Most blackout blinds and curtains are also slightly larger than usual which allows an overlap for the window frame thus reducing the amount if light that might sneak through the cracks.blackout-curtains3

Why Use Blackout Curtains

But what they all do, is make the room dark. Really good ones will deliver a darkness you can almost feel or touch which can be hugely comforting to people looking for a good night’s sleep.

In fact, research has gone on to prove that people have a far better and sound sleep when they are in a darkened bedroom with these blackout curtains than otherwise. Even after you fall asleep, the darkened room means you sleep deeper and wake up more refreshed.

In the UK, being relatively North, summertime can be a nightmare for many when it comes to bed time. Bright sunshine at 10:30pm makes it hard for anyone to nod off whilst a 4am wake up call for the kids isn’t ideal either.

Blackout curtains help alleviate both these problems and give some control to sleep patterns and may help to restore peace to family life.

The other good feature about these kinds of blackout curtains, that not many people consider, is that they will not only reduce the amount of light that you have to grapple with but also ensure that the room is nice, warm and cosy. This is because the thermal qualities in them ensure that there is minimal heat loss as the insulation restricts the passage of heat through the window panes to outside.. This car significantly bring down the heat loss and, consequently, the amount that you end up spending on your heating charges for the house.

Curtains like these are suitable for rooms other than the bedroom too – they help to bring on the most fabulous of privacy say for your bedroom, den or television room. The outside world will literally be ‘blacked out’ for you and your family and you will be enveloped in a special world of your own.

Lastly, the actual substance of these kinds of blackout curtains really add on to the ambience of the room and make it look far more rich and regal than otherwise. They go on to make the perfect accompaniment to any window in any kind of room or house. You will love the fantastic décor that it adds on to your home.

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